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2D Animation
Is the art of creating movement in a two-dimensional space. This includes characters, creatures, FX, and backgrounds. 2D animation can be seen prevalently in TV shows, video games, feature films, advertisements, mobile apps and on websites​​​​​​​
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3D Animation
3D animation is a graphic technique that utilizes motion in order to bring characters, objects, props, and more to life. Though 3D animation has primarily been used in the creation of video games, films, and TV shows, its usages have grown alongside its popularity. Now, 3D animation is used to create materials for companies that can help them market their products and services
Social media ads
Motion graphics make video content easier to digest, capture attention better than static images, and ensure your brand leaves a lasting impression on viewers. It’s why we’re seeing more requests for motion graphics from social media ads to animated explainer videos
Motion design can used to produce:
• Animated explainer videos for Facebook ads
• Social media posts featuring looping videos and GIFs
• Pitch decks with moving data visualizations and animated logos
• Web pages with illustrations and elements that move as users scroll
• Video content with captivating transitions and animated icons
• Cinemagraphs that add subtle motion to static images for your blog headers
And pretty much any design asset that moves
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