We have a long history of successful composting work.
Keying and Rotoscoping
We explore a vast number of keying tools and strategies to preserve fine details (like an actor's hair) and go beyond the first steps into the realm of digital lighting and colour correction. 
When keying is impossible or needs to be improved, rotoscoping can be used to isolate a specific part of the image to make all kinds of adjustments. Rotoscoping (roto) is the foundation of what we do in Compositing, and we use established techniques to roto challenging shots quickly and precisely.
Since Compositors work on motion pictures, being able to track the movement of any given object is an invaluable part of the process.
Digital painting
Often the goal of digital painting in visual effects is to paint something out, (company logos, stunt equipment, reflections of the camera and crew, etc.). We make paint work invisible and believable to the audience.
2D/3D Compositing
Compositing in 2D involves taking footage shot during production and 2D elements created in post-production to integrate them cohesively into a single shot. Blending layers of 2D elements to create the illusion of depth while matching colour, lighting, and perspective. Integrating 3D elements into a live action shot and making it look like they were both shot on the same day is one of the toughest challenges Compositors face.
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